Rhema Marvanne
Carrollton Texas

Rhema Marvanne is a gospel singer and actress: born September 15th, 2002
Movies: Machine Gun Preacher.
Rhema was baptized in 2009 and her family attends The Branch Church in Plano, Texas. Her paternal grandfather, Chai Voraritskul, was an immigrant from Thailand.
Rhema began singing the same time she began talking. In 2009, Rhema gained Internet fame at the age of six after recording her first song, "Amazing Grace". She appeared on the Maury Povich Show Most Talented Kids 2010, and Korean show Star King. She takes inspiration from her mother, Wendi Marvanne, who died due to ovarian cancer on November 8, 2008, at the age of 36.
Rhema appeared on the Maury Povich show highlighting the most talented kids and appeared on International News via Supreme Master TV – Global Satellite which is shown in 44 countries in 60 languages. She recorded both her Albums in Nashville. Her songs are sold on iTunes, Amazon.com as well as through her website's Official Store. She recently recorded The Prayer with Terry White and musicians from the Nashville Symphony and recently released her Christmas Album, All Seasons. She has also appeared on ABC's 20/20, Fox News, CBS, CBN, TBN as well as on Daystar.
My Story - Note To God by Rhema
The Prayer - with Andrea Bocelli                                 The Lord's Prayer
Amazing Grace - (aged 7)
I Love The Lord (aged 7)
            O Holy Night                                                       Star Spangled Banner (National Anthem)
Jesus Loves Me
My Heart Will Go On
  How Great Thou Art                                                                         When You Believe
Amazing Grace

Just As I Am - Rhema - listen to the high note at 2:35 min...shocking

                       Blue Christmas                                                   The First Noel
            Hallelujah                                                                        Hurt
       Over The Rainbow                                                            Live Version - Note To God

Rhema's 3rd Album-"Believe" Preview

All I Want For Christmas Is You
   Fort Hood Remembrance                                                  At Dallas Cowboys' Stadium
              On Daystar TV
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