The Word Of The Lord

The power of forgiveness, 
told by Maureen Greaves from Sheffield.
On Thursday, the 11th of April, 2019, The Mothers' Union branch at Wombwell's St. Mary's Parish Church was blessed by the presence of this remarkable woman, Maureen Greaves. 

As was well publicised at the time, her husband, Alan, was brutally and mindlessly murdered on Christmas Eve, 2012, as he made his way to his church to play the organ for the midnight service. The theme of Maureen's story was the power of forgiveness,  a phenomenon that would be very difficult for most of us to express, yet Maureen managed to forgive the young men who perpetrated her husbands murder after a very short time following the incident.

With the magnificence of hindsight, I (Bill) wish I had asked Maureen if it would have been OK to record her presentation, as it was so fascinating, and as is the case with many presentations in church, people would like to hear it again to fill the gaps that might have developed in their memories (I know there are plenty in my own). However, we missed that opportunity, but the video below goes some way to filling those gaps.

There is a  substantial amount of media coverage on the story too, but because I don't know where I stand on the copyright laws, I won't copy and paste these stories onto this site, but a good second best is if I submit links to these stories, then they can be read from the newspapers' and broadcasters'own sites. 
Mary Sumner
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