For the parishioners of Wombwell, Barnsley

Why hold a mission?

Our Easter mission will enable us to reach out to the community in new ways and help us to build relationaships with people who would not normally come to church.

By prayerfully planning the mission into what we are already doing, it should provide a renewed focus and enthusiasm for reaching out for prayer, for Church unity and for spiritual growth.

Apart from the benefits to our own community, we will be playing an important part in the ongoing development and training of the next generation of Christian leaders.

What will the mission involve?

Our mision will take place from Thursday 10th to Thursday 17th April and will consist of a range of events and activities, both indoors and outdoors; aimed at different age groups in our community.

The team joining us consists of 8 students, training for church ministry led by Paul Woodbridge, who are enthusiastic and able to explain the good news of Jesus clearly and simply.

The team will help at events as well as lead services, preach and talk about what their Christian faith means to them.