The Word Of The Lord

This pandemic is no doubt fortifying the attitudes of non believers at this time. Some will say, "Where is your God now?" Others will say, "If there's a God, why is He allowing this to happen?"

I don't believe He is simply allowing this to happen, I believe He is MAKING this happen. Every so often, the world drifts off course and needs to be pulled back into line. We had that with the two World Wars and now we are having it with this virus.

Why would a loving God who loves all of his creations do this? This was a Christian country once upon a time. Now, it has turned its back on God. It has become a wayward country. What do we have now? Whereas the majority of this country's citizens believed in God, now it's down to about 6%.

We have drug barons virtually running the country, with their County Lines project. We have gangs of Asian men grooming and raping little girls, up to recently, totally without impunity. This crime was known about by the police and government of the day and the police were told to stand down from it. "We don't want to cause racial tension," was the reason. So mass paedophilia was allowed to prosper right under the noses of the authorities whose job it was to prevent it.

Furthermore, we have homosexuality, legalised, respected and encouraged. We have men with husbands we have women with wives. We have Franklin Graham banned from our major cities because he prefers to respect the bible rather than modern day political correctness. Even Bishops are opposing Franklin Graham because they, unlike God, support homosexuality whilst masquerading as God's advocates in the church.

During the watch of Barack Obama, America turned its back on God. Why was it a criminal offence to pray in schools, why were people being arrested for praying? Why was it a criminal offence to display the Ten Commandments on Billboards, why did they plan to remove 'In God We Trust' from American money? Why did they instruct schools to remove ' nation under God' from the Allegiance?

In England, why do people proudly boast that they do not believe in God? The way they brag about it, they almost make it sound like an Olympic Gold Medal victory. I hear it from radio Presenters, especially on LBC. It's as if they cannot get employment in LBC or broadcasting in general unless they can submit a declaration of unbelief.

Many of you reading this don't believe in God and nothing I say will change that, yet you'll gladly believe in that big bang nonsense that non believing fear spreading scientists would have you believe.

Non believers will worry about the Coronavirus and it's possible consequences, they will absorb all the nonsense that emerges from the ubiquitous media loved word 'could'. I tell you now, if the government were to ban the use of the word 'could' in broadcasting, the BBC and other media sources would collapse tomorrow. They'd have nothing to scare us with.

Believers don't worry about the virus and what 'could' happen. They are more likely to embrace Psalm 91 where the Lord vows to protect them. The opposite of fear is faith. Some of you, if you ever had any faith will say, "I lost my faith." That is nonsense, you do NOT lose your faith, you deliberately discard it. That's because the things that you had to give up, like drugs, random sex, drunkenness, lap dance clubs and partying are a lot more fun than church on a Sunday morning. Well, it's never too late to retrieve it. You won't start to believe yet, because your back isn't up against the wall and you're not facing rock bottom yet, but one day, you just might. I've witness the attitude turnaround by heavily addicted druggies who have lost everything, their families, their jobs and their homes, all to drugs. They know that sleeping in doorways one a freezing windy rainy night is not more fun than church on a Sunday morning.

They have looked for and found God, and their lives have been turned around. They were at absolute rock bottom. If this virus drags on for years, I believe that there WILL be a revival as more of us hit rock bottom.